Just Words – Review

Les Productions Figlio’s Just Words has just received a glowing review on Evi-Dance Radio. See below for an excerpt of the in-depth review by Beverley Daurio.

Music gently rises in the darkened theatre. Gathering warm light slowly allows the audience to discern three figures standing at the back of the stage: Serge Bennathan, choreographer, poet, dancer and creator of this show, and dancers Karissa Barry and Hilary Maxwell. Their presence is revealed the way ideas are revealed in an essay, or symbols revealed in a poem. The way they appear reminds us of how thoughts come to us, and how evanescent beauty arrives and fades.

Bennathan’s poetry—a heart-centred lyrical mixture of personal philosophy, autobiography, and thoughts on art, politics, and the hard work and challenges these represent in artists’ lives— is threaded through the show, and serves as key and inspiration to the whole piece, in a subtle interplay of elements. A phrase in words—“I just wanted to write… with choreography,” for example—becomes a recurrent series of hand and finger motions, bringing the poetry into the movement and the movement back into the poetry.

Visit the Evi-Dance Radio website for the full piece!