Edge 7 – Dancing on the Edge

July 13 and 15 – 7 pm
Firehall Arts Centre (280 E Cordova St, Vancouver)


Contes Cruels rehearsal
Contes Cruels rehearsal. Photo by Sylvain Senez.

Created by: Serge Bennathan
Performers: Hilary Maxwell, Karissa Barry, Molly McDermott, Josh Martin, Serge Bennathan
Composer: Bertrand Chénier
Lighting Designer: James Proudfoot

Contes Cruels (Cruel Tales) presented at DOTE is the starting point of a full length work that will premiere in May 2018 at The Firehall Theatre. For this first exploration, I desired strong individuals that would make sense together through their efforts, through the desire to go further not in the name of an aesthetic but rather a vital need to exist and live.” —Serge Bennathan

Les Productions Figlio will be presenting an excerpt from a work-in-progress of Contes Cruels (Cruel Tales) at Dancing on the Edge. Visit the Dancing on the Edge website for details and for tickets.