Les Productions Figlio

Founded by Artistic Director and choreographer Serge Bennathan, Les Productions Figlio is devoted to the creation of diverse artistic works that break creative barriers. Our projects encompass dance, theatre, music, multi-media, visual art and literary works. Through imagination, poetry and humor, Les Productions Figlio uses art to reach out to people of all ages and backgrounds. The company is based in Vancouver, BC Canada.

Serge Bennathan is an extraordinary creator with solid professional relationships with Canadian producers and presenters in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Canadian centres. His work through Les Productions Figlio is interdisciplinary and we believe that our work can reach out to dance, theatre and visual arts audiences. It is part of our philosophy to build a diverse network of partners to help create, develop, produce and disseminate our artistic work and we believe that we have demonstrated this in our operations to date.  

Les Productions Figlio is committed to creating challenging works that take creative risks. We create art that asks the audience to travel with us, to experience something new that challenges our collective idea of what it means to make a work of dance. For this reason the work of the company does not rest easily within existing categories of dance or theatre.  Works by Les Productions Figlio integrate poetry, visual media, theatre and dance. We want the our work to reflect the nuanced, genre-crossing spirit of our creative identity.

Serge Bennathan, Artistic Director

Serge Bennathan was the artistic director of Toronto’s Dancemakers from 1990 to 2006. Twelve works of Bennathan for Dancemakers have received Dora Mavor Moore nominations with both Sable/Sand and The Satie Project receiving the award for Outstanding New Choreography. Also known for his extensive work with opera companies and directors, Bennathan directed his first mainstage opera, Rossini’s Tancredi, at the COC in 2005 and in June 2008 he directed Renard for the COC ensemble.

Serge Bennathan lives now in Vancouver where he created Les Productions FIGLIO. In the repertoire of Les Productions Figlio are: The Invisible Life of Joseph Finch a play with actor Jonathon Young created in 2007 in Vancouver. It was also performed at the Fringe Festival of Singapore in January 2008 and toured Canada in January/February 2009. Manga, a duet for Susie Burpee and Linnea Swan, premiered in Vancouver and Toronto in November 2007. Slam for a Time Traveller a commission from Dancing on the Edge Festival at the occasion of its 20th anniversary in July 2008. The Strange Adventure of Myself a solo performance for Sylvain Senez premiered the 15th October 2009 at the Firehall Theatre in Vancouver.

Conversations, a play about an imaginary encounter between Federico Garcia Lorca and his murderer Juan luis Trescastro was co-produced by The Dance Centre and the Chutzpah! Festival, and premiered in 2011. In 2011 Serge created work for dancers at SFU in Vancouver, LADMMI in Montreal, and Ballet BC. He has also created work for DanseEncorps, and independent dancers Sarah Roche and Lise McMillan.

Elles, winner of the 2012 Rio Tinto Alcan Award, premiered in February 2012 at The Cultch.

Serge is currently writing and opera with Gareth Williams, composer in residence at the Glasgow Opera, as well as developing M. Aubertin, a new full-length work for his own company Les Productions Figlio.

Also a writer and a painter, Bennathan has written and illustrated four books: Julius le piano voyageur, published by the French-language publishing house Le GREF in Toronto, The Other Moon of Mr. Figlio, A Few Thousand Miles, a collection of poems about dance, dancers and the dance of life and recently Not-a-fear/Peurderien. His paintings reflect the poetry of the human soul; its dreams, imagination and humour.

Photo of Serge Bennathan by Michael Slobodian.